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2018 Inland Northwest Brain Injury Symposium: Day One – April 19, 2018






Session One

3PM till 3:50PM Room

Disability in Rural America

Panel Format



SEWC 122

TBI, Mental Health and Suicide

Stacey Chay, LICSWA, MHP

Eastern Washington University


SEWC 147

History of the WA State TBI Council

Scott Bloom, M.A. CBIS

TBI Council of Washington State


SEWC 148






Session Two

4PM till 4:50PM

Facing Pain: Empowering a Beautiful Life

Daniella Clark, Ph.D.


SEWC 147

Caretakers Massage for TBI Survivors

Brian Shute, Ph.D., CCC-SLP, LMT

Inland Speech Pathology & Therapeutics


SEWC 148

Resource Access and Procurement Panel

S. John Dubois, M.S. – 211

Holly Williamson – American Red Cross

Richard Parry, M.D. – VA Medical Center


SEWC 122

Symposium Banquet Dinner: April 19th from 5:30PM till 7PM






Symposium Banquet Dinner

5:30PM till 7:30 PM Location
Dinner Keynote – 5:40PM till 6:30PM

Treading Gently: The Psychopharmacology of Traumatic Brain Injury

Bruce Wright, M.D.

Washington State University


Legislative Speaker and Panel- 6:40PM till 7:30PM

Representative Matt Shea

Washington House of Representatives

4th Legislative District

Panel: Details TBA





Center for Clinical Research and Simulation – Court

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2018 Inland Northwest Brain Injury Symposium: Day Two – April 20, 2018


Main Presentation

12PM till 12:50PM Room

Veterans and Traumatic Brain Injury

Scott Bloom, M.A. CBIS and Heather Bahme

TBI Council of Washington

Washington State Department of Veterans Affairs



SEWC 122

1:10PM till 1:40PM




Breakout Session One


Florrie Munat

BIAWA Spokane Chapter


SEWC 122

Disability as Orientation

Ryan Parrey, Ph.D.

Eastern Washington University


SEWC 111

Employment after Traumatic Brain Injury

Gloria Kraegel

Brain Energy Support Team


SEWC 147

2PM till 2:50PM

Main Presentation

The Language of the TBI Experience

TBI Survivor Panel


SEWC 122


Keynote Address

3PM till 3:30PM

Concussion Health

Christine Guzzardo, Ph.D.

Northwest Neurobehavioral Institute


SEWC 122


Lunch Break

3:30PM till 4PM
Support Group Testimonial Session SEWC 111
4PM till 4:50PM

Main Presentation

EGG Biofeedback with TBI Patients

Myron Thurber, Ph.D., PT, LMHC, BCB, BCN

Neurotherapy Northwest


SEWC 122

5:10PM till 5:40PM




 Breakout Session Two

TBI Rehabilitation Panel

St. Luke’s Rehabilitation Institute

Brain Injury Unit


SEWC 122

Cognitive-Communication Problems Associated with Post-Concussive Syndrome

Brian Shute, Ph.D., CCC-SLP, LMT

Inland Speech Pathology & Therapeutics


SEWC 147

 Concussion First Aid Workshop

Hildie Buit, MEd.

American Red Cross


SEWC 111

 6PM till 6:50PM  

Main Presentation

 Pediatric Brain Injury

Christine Guzzardo, PhD

Northwest Neurobehavioral Institute


SEWC 122

Closing Remarks

6:50PM till 7PM


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